November 7-12, 2019

Join Jennifer Goodman and Monique Costello on a transformational retreat in Sedona, Arizona. Experience the magic and beauty that Sedona's Red Rocks and Vortexes bring on this 6 day retreat filled with a variety of yoga practices including sunset meditations within a vortex, healthy food, hiking and time in nature, nutritional coaching and cooking classes, and time for you to relax and rejuvenate your mind body and soul.


*Sample Itinerary:


4pm check in



welcome circle


8am yoga

9:30 breakfast (a cooking class will be provided during 1 breakfast)

Free time (hiking in the Red Rocks, explore the town, bathe in the creek)

2pm lunch (a cooking class will be provided during one lunch)

Free time

5:30 gentle yoga (2 evenings will be sunset yoga in a vortex)

7pm dinner (a cooking class will be provided during 1 dinner)


8am yoga


11am check out


*Complimentary 20 minute nutritional coaching sessions provided by Monique


*30 minute Reiki sessions offered by Monique for $50 a session


*Prices start at $1900. 

See images below for rooms and pricing. 

**Bring a friend and each receive $50 off

*$500 non refundable deposit to reserve your spot.  


*Shuttle service from Phoenix Airport to Sedona can be purchased at https://groometransportation.com/


View the retreat space Moondance Sedona at https://globalalliance.properties/moondance

*Check out Monique at http://happyeatshealthy.com/


*Email yoganutritionnatureretreat@gmail.com for questions and to reserve your spot.

sedona retreat rooms (set 1)v7.jpg
Sedona retreat rooms 2v5.jpg

"The meaning of our self is not to be found in its separateness from God and others, but in the ceaseless realization of yoga, of union."