Come and join us for a 3 hour yoga & nutrition workshop to relax, unwind and learn how to eat well. This workshop will explore breath, meditation, and movement on the mat and inform you how to eat well without dieting through mindfulness and intuitive eating. We'll enjoy a comforting bowl of kitchari and warm chai at the end of the workshop.

Jennifer will guide you through a 75 minute yoga practice to open and unite your mind, body, and spirit. The practice will include asana and kriya movements to energize and release tension and blocked energy in the body and focus on the breath to help draw the mind inward to connect to the intuitive mind. (all levels welcome)

Monique will lead a discussion on intuitive eating, which incorporates listening to your body to identify your personal food and nutrition needs. Mindful eating focuses on your body’s cues to identify what and how much to eat, and focuses on behavior change and healthy habits rather than dieting.

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